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Leadership Conversations: Biotech challenges

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Interesting leadership insights shared for scientists in biotech by our GLO advisor, Melody Janssen. Here are the 5 key takeaways from this short video chat:

  1. With fast changing regulatory environments (accelerated by the covid crisis), continuous learning needs to be embedded in the organization. Agility and motivation of the team, but also capacity to learn (budget) are both important.

  2. Leaders more than ever need to establish 'trust' of all stakeholders, not only internal teams but also external stakeholders like consulting scientists and outsourced partners. Integrity is obviously a core value to establish this.

  3. Excellent communication skills combined with empathy are critical to deal with forementioned acceleration of outsourced business models where the biotech firm focuses on core competence and collaborates with out (in-) sourced resources.

  4. Communication skills are also critical in translating science development to external stakeholders and the general public, especially in times of crises.

  5. Innovation seems predominantly driven by spin-offs and startups, which eventually get acquired by larger firms. Managing 'culture gaps' may be an important competency for leaders to ensure innovation is not 'eroded' moving forward.

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