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We make the difference


Guided by Collaboration, Integrity and Strive for Excellence

We operate online

Our search, client contacts, candidate interviews and assessments are entirely conducted online. We use intelligent search, the latest apps and our CRM system to offer a seamless and qualitative exec search experience to both clients and candidates.

We stay agile

We have no physical offices. All our GLOpreneurs work from home and collaborate virtually. It allows us to rapidly expand and adapt regardless of location. Less fixed costs, also translates in competitive prices to our clients. Last but not least, we continually listen to the needs of our clients and remain flexible to adapt our search strategy where needed.  

We work smart

We start every search with a sourcing map as a basis for intelligent key word based search. Potential candidates are screened with AI driven leadership style assessments to allow us to dig deeper into personality which is enhancing our video based interviews.

Our clients can follow our search process online and provide real-time feedback where needed. 

We are global

Our reach is global, whether for search, candidates or clients. Our Glopeneurs are situated in all continents and allow cross-cultural assessment, as well as multi-lingual interviews. 

We are responsible

Our GLOpreneurs are not only selected based on competence but especially character, providing also a disproportionate opportunity for people with more limited access to the labor market. Last but not least, we offer 'No Cure, No pay' – We get paid when we deliver the quality candidate you want to have on your team

We have purpose

We believe in developing wise and responsible leaders, advocating integrity and wisdom, focusing on a candidate's mind agility, value-based  decision-making and passion. 

All our candidates, whether successfully placed or not, are provided free access to the GLO-ecademy, helping them to develop wise and responsible leadership and to find their passion. We define career success by the level of well-being and happiness our candidates achieve.  

We work smart
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