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The War for Talent in Deep Tech is real. We commit to select and attract the best global leader scientists and engineers to bring you a unique competitive advantage and help you execute your purpose. 

We operate in

How we are different...

We stand out with

  • A global network of senior specialist wise advisors in deep tech who help us identify, screen and assess the right candidates for the function.

  • AI driven online search and screening capacity, including leadership style and personality.

  • Highly cross-cultural interviewers who can assess global candidates’ ability to fit into foreign culture and check their true motivation.

  • An existing network/database of 1 Million+ candidates in deep tech related industry

  • A very lean operational model with home based collaborators, applying online collaborative, interview and assessment tools to ensure competitive fees for our clients.

GLO and I worked very close together in 2022-2023, when we staffed the R&D department of an international microchip foundry in Belgium. We had to find our own way of working, in a very dynamic setting where everything was new. Luckily they were quick to adapt and present us with excellent candidates!

Thomas Bertin, BelGaN

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