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Developing wise and responsible leaders who find their purpose in life

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We Care for you.

 We believe that you leading organizations starts with leading yourself.

Our tailored mentoring solutions are designed to get you there!

Un-limit yourself: Bring high performance and happiness to both, your personal life and business.

Our professional senior career and leadership mentors are available for virtual one-on-one sessions.

Everyone's a Winner!


In executive search projects only one person can be the winner. That's the nature of these finite games. 

Our mentors not only help candidates to increase the chances of winning a particular job, they get you started to excel in the long run, looking at the bigger picture.

 We offer both career and leadership mentoring.


All our global mentors are senior professionals with long-time business and industry experience. This is critical to complement coaching with guidance and expert advisory to challenge our beliefs and bring new insights to our life and career journey.  

Our mentorship offering is predominantly targeted at executive candidates we are engaging with as part of our variety of executive search mandates. If you happen to be in touch with one of our Glopreneurs in this context, just speak to her/him about your potential interest in career and leadership mentoring. The Glopreneurs will be happy to assist and get you in touch with our professional mentors. 

In case you are interested in working with our mentors even whilst not being actively considered for a specific executive search project, feel free to contact us.

Throughout the journey, our team is committed to our values of respect, integrity and strive for excellence, united by purpose to develop wiser and more responsible leadership  in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. 


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